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Hi Mary - 

Snoop just celebrated her 3rd birthday and is doing wonderful! She is truly the love of our life! Ryan and I are getting married And Snoop is the center of our world so you can see she will be included the big day. She has truly changed our lives for the better bringing joy and many many laughs into our life!

Rene Converse
Love, Love, Love

We are fortunate enough to spend all of our time at home, caring for and loving our puppies and dogs. This close contact 24/7 and early neurological stimulation is so critical in terms of nurturing overall health and makes for calm, confident, healthy dogs for life.

Those Who Know Us Best Are Saying

Remington is a gift from Heaven. She comes to work with me every day and the people here love her. They even respect my rules. (NO JUMPING)Everyone at training tell me she is a very confident dog. It is such a joy training and working with her. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you do as a breeder. 

Roberta Knauf

Hi, Mary. Hope all is well with you and family. Just a note to let you know that Muffie (3 years old now) is doing just fine. She has really grown up to be a WONDERFUL dog and sooooo cute and playful!! She's real smart...a quick learner and loves to figure things out. 


Dear Mary - Luna is a playful and charming little 45# 2 year old. She has been wonderful with our 9 grandchildren , ages 6 months-13 years old. She's become friends with one of our cats; the other cat prefers to avoid her....She's brought such laughter (and walks) to our lives - 


I have been thinking about you and wanted to update you on our Kherby. He is doing outstanding. He is by far the best dog I've had and my kids ADORE him. Last time we took him for a check up he weighed 57 pounds. He knows no strangers and is the friendliest dog around. He's great with my kids, especially Ethan who has Autism. 

Take care, Risa

Mary - Clovis has turned out to be such a wonderful dog. So much more than I ever could have imagined. She was easy to train and has these stunning blonde highlights on her chocolate coat. I cannot thank you enough for all you did during her early days. I don't think most people realize just how important it is to purchase a puppy from someone who understands that the first eight weeks largely determine the personality and temperament of your dog! My vet even commented that clearly Clovis was well cared for from Day 1.


Mary - Jazz and I have been to Florida. We attended a Salvation Army conference in Orlando. Then of course had to go to the Ocean. I don't have words to tell you how special this dog is. The director told me this morning that he is a gift from God. That he is a true therapy dog - something that is born in them. It can't be taught. Also what a bond Jazz and I have. She said he is devoted to me. I believe God had to lead me to you. 

Love Debbie and Jazz 

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