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Our Health Guarantee & Preferred Food
We loved your puppy first! And have established an excellent breeding program over many years to ensure your little guy has the very best start in life.

We offer a two-year health guarantee which is extended to three-years, if you choose to follow our recommended eating plan of Life's Abundance Dog Food and NuVet Plus supplements. This is two-page document and we will happily e-mail to you upon request. It details exactly what health issues are covered.

We feed all of our dogs and puppies a wonderful, holistic diet from the makers of Life's Abundance. This food is made from the highest quality ingredients and has no chemical preservatives, many of which are known to cause cancer in dogs. This high quality product is not available on shelves anywhere, but will be delivered fresh to your doorstep.

There's a simple pull down menu on their site which allows you to compare prices and ingredients for all the major dog food brands. Most folks are surprised they can feed their dog so well for just a few more pennies a day. It's really worth a look. For details/order visit: www.healthytreatsandeats.com.

We also provide our dogs and puppies with NuVet vitamins to help build and maintain a strong immune system. This product is not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your pet professional. 

Click for details/order: www.nuvet.com/50340

You can always reach a knowledgeable NuVet employee by calling 1-800-474-7044. Please share ID code: 50340 when ordering.
Summertime is for Doodles who love their noodles. 

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