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More About Mary's Doodles
We must admit first falling in love with the standard poodle 20 years ago and breeding because of their disposition and superior intelligence. And our passion for golden retrievers (except for the immense shedding!) was always on the radar.  

And this is where it has taken us.

We continue to be wowed by the fairly new breed of Goldendoodles and who truly offer the best of both worlds. Looks vary based on genetics and many folks opt to clip the dog to the style of their liking.

Lucy, middle girl below in pink scarf, is an F1 (half poodle; half golden.)

The two outside photos are of Waylon, Slick and Rocky, FIB Goldendoodles (goldendoodle bred to poodle.) Same dogs, just two different stages and haircuts. 

Most of our forever families let us know, up front, if they prefer a curly coat or straighter coat. Every litter has some variety and we can usually accommodate your preference when it comes to "look." And we are more than happy to send pictures.
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Something about Spring makes my Doodle heart sing!

 A Doodle To Love For Every Season !