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Welcome to Mary's Doodles

Welcome to our new site. Many of you have known us for years as the Little L Farm. But like most things, we felt it was time for an update. And despite polling clients, friends and family for a "snazzier" name, everyone unanimously said something along the lines of, "Mary, this has been your life's passion! We vote for a name that is short and simple: Mary's Doodles."​

Which was pretty darn special to hear. 

So while the look of our site and name has changed, the quality of our 20 year breeding program remains the same. And for those who are doing some math (Doodles haven't been around for 20 years :) we like to be sure and clarify that we started out breeding poodles back in the late 90s.

Our breed of choice is standard Goldendoodles (though we have recently started a line of Bernedoodles too.)

It's true. Our dogs are considered to be the most allergy-friendly with silky coats of many colors and next to no shedding. Yet it's the personality of the breeds that many people find so appealing. Puppies are raised in our home, so we watch their little personalities emerge and grow over an 8 - 12 week period. 

I am Mary. A proud Doodle Lover. I look forward to your call and learning all about your "ideal" puppy. Because regardless of the temperature outside or your stage in life, we believe there is A Doodle To Love For Every Season.


We believe there is a Doodle to Love for every season!

Mibby and Manzi romping in winter snow above. 

 A Doodle To Love For Every Season !